Thursday, July 10, 2008

Jackson is One!!

Jackson turned 1 on Tuesday, this year has flown by! We had a birthday party on Saturday with all of the "in town" family. I am not sure that Jackson had any clue what was going on, but he sure liked the cupcake! :)

He got to open a bunch of presents but the highlight for him was probably the cupcake and then the swimming afterward to wash off!

We are all doing well, Jon is busy working (both at his job and around the house) and I am trying to keep up with Jack while also preparing for the next one! We find out next week if this baby is a boy or a girl. Jon thinks it is a boy, I am not really sure. I go back and we will just let you know next week!

Hope you all are doing well, we miss you all! Enjoy the photos below. I am going to try to post some videos also...hopefully they will work!

This is Jack after the cupcake, he took a swim to clean off.

Jackson on his First Birthday

When Jack first got there, he immediately found his presents!

The cupcake tower

Jackson loved the book he got from Sam

Tasting the cake...

Enjoying the cake...


Steph VG said...

Precious pictures! Such a little man! SOOOOO sorry we couldn't be there...we feel so disconnected by this wretched distance. We have stuff for Jackson, but if it's all right, we'll just bring it down in a couple weeks. Um, make that a week and a half. ! Yay for vacation time and seeing family! Love you! See you soon!

William and Megan said...

you need to update your blog, so I tagged you! Go to my blog to get the details! ;)